The RVCE Solar Car Team, RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India is a student-run team that designs and builds some of the most efficient solar cars in the country. The idea began with a class seminar and eventually became the largest funded student project in RVCE. Incorporating best-in-class technologies, the team built its first car ‘Soleblaze’ in 2015 and ‘Arka’ in 2017.


The RVCE Solar Car Team – RVSCT, is a completely student-run organization that designs and builds Solar Electric Vehicles. It consists of 30 highly dedicated students, committed to tackle the rising global energy crisis, envisioning a world with sustainable transportation. The project is interdisciplinary, with students from engineering backgrounds including Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Chemical engineering. The team was established in September 2013.

We take pride in the fact that we were the only team from India to take part in the World Solar Challenge 2015 and 2017. We have received support from various companies including Infosys, Wipro, Schneider Electric, TCS and SunEdison to name a few. The project was mentored by Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys and Chetan Maini, founder of Mahindra Reva.


Our Objective

The main objective of our project is to promote the use of our most important natural resource, the Sun! With this in mind, we work to inspire young minds and make a humble effort to promote the research and development of emerging solar technologies.
Our aim is to build a highly efficient solar powered electric vehicle, incorporating the latest technological advances in the field of solar energy and also the automotive industry, and try to make practical solar cars available and viable to the public.
The project is an interdisciplinary project and thus comprises of multiple dimensions. Starting from the smallest sensors that go into the car to the latest lithium ion battery technology and silicon solar panels used, there exists an innovation at every stage, and is a step towards a future of green and sustainable transport.


Our Perspective and Agenda

We build indigenous efficient solar cars trying to incorporate best-in-world technologies. We also focus on being on-par with other countries and keep India on the same grounds as other technologically advanced countries like the US, Germany, Japan etc. For us, the goal is not just to create a technologically innovative product but also drive the world towards renewable energy sources and to encourage the younger generation for a better and greener tomorrow.


Since non-renewable sources of energy are rapidly decreasing, utilizing the renewable energy sources efficiently has become the need of the hour. We believe that the Sun, the most abundant renewable energy source, is the future of the energy sector. Millions of dollars are being invested on solar installations and research in solar technology. This project is a humble attempt from our side to contribute to the current situation.

This project has multiple facets to it. The car is optimized in its aerodynamic design to have minimum drag. The electronics required to monitor and drive components like the solar cells, motors and batteries have ultra-high efficiency. The car is a step towards energy positive cars. Imagine a world with every car producing more energy than it consumes! The scope for this particular project is limitless, in terms of the direct application in multiple sectors such as clean energy, smart grids, smart cities and prognostic health monitoring systems, starting from the smallest sensors to the highly advanced vehicle to vehicle communication systems.


To continuously strive to make sustainable transportation commercially viable, by promoting research and development of energy efficient solar electric vehicles and the use of solar energy in everyday life. We conduct various public events including exhibitions, expos, workshops in schools and colleges, events in colleges, corporate events and roadshows